NJSPCA CASE April 2016

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Thanks to Our Supporters who Contributed to Clearing and Cleaning Three Acres of Land in 2014

Thanks to Our Community who Contribute to the Excavation and Construction of Our New Building in 2016

(Names Will Be Added As Donations Are Received)

  • Ralph Havens of Havens Trucking Inc, Wantage, NJ. Donated partial cost to Trucking and materials
  • Brian Clause of Landscapes Unlimited in Branchville NJ for donating $650 worth of equipment rental (12-ton vibratory roller to compact soil)
  • Hardyston Paving of Franklin, NJ who has allowed one of his employees (Steve, who is also one of our volunteers) to deliver and make use of their equipment at no charge to us. today. Equipment was used to tear down an old double dog pen with an old concrete pad and two dog houses. Steve also used equipment to remove a leaning dead tree and build a roadway for us to walk or drive on down this hill.

City inspectors find nearly 200 birds in Passaic 'hoarding case' NorthJersey.com

Paula Ashfield of Under My Wing Sanctuary in Wantage begins the process of rescuing the birds on Monday, Jan. 18, 2016.

Under my wing Aids in Rescue and Cares for the Most Unfortunate Parrots in Need 

Our Devotion and Commitment are Continually Changing Parrots Lives






Under My Wing Avian Refuge

1243 Rte 23 North

Wantage, NJ 07461

Tel. 973-702-7770

Hoarding/ Owner Relinquished 29 birds

​Wantage, NJ

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Thanks to Our Supporters who Contributed to the Excavation and Construction of Our New Building in 2016

(Names Will Be Added As Donations Are Received)

Mitchell Brodsky

​Cheryl Schollenberger

Carolyn Mcgahey

​Diane Tagliabue Zambelli

​Jan Martin Smith

​Debi Ross​

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​Jeffrey Paul

​Donald Almanza

Rosanne Migliorino

​Brenda Ratkovec-Brakhage


Under My Wing Avian Refuge is a "No-Kill" exotic bird sanctuary. Established in 2007, it is a permanent residential facility for exotic birds and a 501 C3 nonprofit organization. We are best recognized by our community as “The North Jersey Sanctuary for Exotic Birds.”

We provide excellent, knowledgeable care and specialize in working with birds that are aggressive towards humans, very noisy, self-mutilators, feather pucker’s, elderly, or in need of pelleted care, or that have disabilities or display very neurotic behaviors. In addition, Under My Wing provides services to the avian community in general via education, including lectures on basic facts to consider before acquiring a companion bird and hands-on training in dealing with new or existing companion birds. Our community outreach programs target not only adults but children and teenagers as well, thus assuring the exotic birds’ proper care now and in the future. 

Under My Wing is focused on the present and future needs of the birds. Our experience brings us to a vision of preparedness, deeply rooted, financially stable and with a ready and equipped facility capable of handling the bird’s continual needs resulting from their capture to the present mass production and sale of their species. Our vision’s readiness is crucial to animal welfare especially for the unwanted, abused, disabled, elderly and the parrots left to chance 10, 30, 50 years from now as well as; educating and preparing the youth, to care for the unwanted parrots lives and have a life expectancy to 80+ years of age, surpassing today's human generation.

Under My Wing Avian Refuge is a non-profit organization located in Wantage, NJ. We provide a safe, permanent residence to tormented and unwanted parrots of different species; (Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazon’s and a few smaller sized birds) maintaining their lifelong care. Due to the bird's longevity and their ongoing needs, currently, these sanctuary birds are restricted in a single building. Under My Wing is building an expansion to our first building due to its capacity limitations; part of a major construction plan. When construction is completed, there will be 3 buildings and multiple large, roofed aviaries. 

The Refuge is in need of your monetary assistance to help us complete present construction and continue to 
provide the birds with an optimum living environment as we are creating a joyful and enriched environment with plenty of foraging opportunities, creative toys and activities for inside and outside the cages and aviaries.

Nancy Weinberg

​Jan Martin Smith

​Anonymous - Initials PB

​Sandra Burke 


Owner died, birds alone in her home for over a year

Daughter was ordered to relinquish birds or face fines

UNDER MY WING AVIAN REFUGE IS THE North Jersey Sanctuary for Exotic Birds 

PAssaic SPCA CASE January 2016

NJSPCA CASE August 2016


NEW CONSTRUCTION 30' X 70' BUILDING This is a very exciting time for Under My Wing. The new Building for the birds represents another milestone in UMWAR’s incredible legacy of exceptional parrot care and services to our community. By building a new facility designed with our permanent residents in mind, Under My Wing will continue to meet the needs of our growing care for the unwanted bird population and have the opportunity to expand the sanctuary care for exotic birds in the future.