Now in existence for 7+ years, Under My Wing Avian Refuge is working on a long overdue project. 

We are asking you to consider donating a monetary gift as we aim to reach our goal as we properly build safe large outdoor flight aviaries for the many different species of birds. 

Because our project is quite expensive we have broken it down to stages. In 2015 with your kind donations we have opened over 3 acres of land and with your continual help in Spring 2016 we aim to begin on Stage II (Leveling ground, construct the concrete floor and purchase the building materials needed to build the aviaries.) 

Whether it’s $25, $100, $500 or more, every dollar you donate will bring us closer to achieving our goal and build the outdoor aviaries for the birds to enjoy each and every year. 

Thank You!

Over The Years

​​​​​A critically needed outdoor flight aviary for Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazon’s and other exotic bird's species residing at Under My Wing Avian Refuge.


This project calls for building several outdoor aviaries for the 100+ parrots, cockatoos, macaws, and other psittacines cared for at Under My Wing Avian Refuge in Wantage, NJ. The aviaries will be built on our 10-acre wooded property, close to the birds' indoor quarters. They will allow the birds to spend time in the fresh air and sunshine, and enjoy some free flight. Also, both the indoor and outdoor aviaries will be used for hands-on avian educational community programs for adults and youth.


Long-lived (20-80 years), many parrots outlast their owners, and many others are unwanted or unsuitable for adoption due to age, infirmity, or behavioral issues. Given the large number of long-lived parrots in the homes of an increasingly older US population, and the large number of those that are unwanted or considered unsuitable for re-homing, the need for safe havens to provide them with high-quality life-care is obvious, and our sanctuary must be ready for their anticipated arrival.


In working toward providing an even better environment for our birds, in 2015 we cleared 3 acres of land to be used as the permanent site for the aviaries. In the spring of 2016, we will purchase the needed building materials, pour the concrete foundation for the aviaries, and then build the aviaries, including installation of power sources, lighting, and water. The outside educational park will then be developed, with construction of a walking path, driveway, parking area, and fencing.

​Long-Term Impact

Over the long term, availability of outdoor aviaries will provide health benefits and environmental stimulation for the birds, contributing to their general well-being and overall quality of life. For the general public, including adults, teens, and children, it is hoped that the information shared at the educational park will result in improved companion-bird care, and that the children, in particular, will learn compassion, empathy, and respect for all creatures, including birds.



Spring and summer of 2014 we have opened 3 acres of land

The Promise of Tomorrow


Their Life Now

Under My Wing Avian Refuge

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We Need Your Support!


Phase II Supporters!
Thank You All so Very Much!
​Sponsor Name               Amount

Ute Parks                          $50

Breann Lodema                $50

Dennis Goerner               $25



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Help us Fund Phase Two by Spring 2016

Phase I Supporters!

Thank You All so Very Much!

Sponsor Name               Amount                                  

Eo Theodorou McNeil              $500

JoAnn English                            $25

Gail & Paul Gunberg                $100

Aikawa W. Tadahiro                   $10

Robin Overbeck                          $50

Marlys Lipe                               $100

Dorothy Pfeffer                         $400

Anonymous - Initials NB           $500

Richard Malloy                           $45

Rebecca Thatcher                     $30

Sandra Burke                           $900
Diane Zambelli                           $20
Patricia Garofano                       $50
Shizuki U Iseda                            $5
Cyndi Rapp                                $20
Lida Lodynsky                            $20
Donald Almanza                        $50
Janet Lyons-Fairbanks              $50

Blue Line Media                         $50

Rosanne Migliorino                  $150